Ein Jackpot kommt selten allein

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Ein Jackpot kommt selten allein

Die Gemeinde der Online Wetten, Online Games bzw. generell der Glücksspiel-Begeisterten ist beinahe unüberschaubar. Fast jeder der (zumindest ein Mindestmaß an) Interesse für die Welt des Glücksspiels hegt, hat schon einmal ein Online Casino betreten und dort um einen (wenn auch nur kleinen) Geldbetrag gezockt.

Doch die allerwenigsten dieser glücksuchenden Spieler haben in Ihrem Leben bzw. ihrer „Glücksspielkarriere“ schon einmal einen Jackpot geknackt. Umso höher ist die Freude, wenn einem dieses seltene Ereignis wiederfährt.

Eine Spielerin des Maple Online Casino konnte kaum ihren Augen trauen, als die Software ihr beim Spiel „Cash Splash Slot“ den Gewinn des Jackpots, und damit einen Geldbetrag von ca. 22.000 Euro, ausweist. Und als wäre der Gewinn EINES Jackpots noch nicht genug, leuchteten im selben Online Casino nur vier Tage später erneut die Gewinnsymbole für die Dame auf, und damit wohl auch Ihre Augen.

Nach Gewinn des ersten Jackpots hörte Sie nicht etwa auf zu Spielen, sondern nützte ihr erspieltes Geld um damit bei „Wow Pot“ erneut ihr Glück zu versuchen. Und siehe da: Auch diesmal war ihr die Glücksfee hold und bescherte ihr nach nur 4 Tagen erneut einen Jackpot, diesmal in der Höhe von knapp 10.000 Euro.

Gesamt kann sich die Kanadierin nun also über eine Summe von 32.000 Euro freuen, das ist immerhin ein ansehnlicher Neuwagen.

Wofür die Dame das Geld allerdings verwenden wird ist nicht bekannt, die Vermutung liegt aber nahe, dass sie auch weiterhin im Online Casino ihr Glück versuchen wird.

Nachdem Sie – was die Auswahl der Spiele betrifft –sehr flexibel ist, könnte die Wahl diesmal auch auf Online Wetten oder ähnliches fallen.

Hier ist zwar auch Wissen und Erfahrung gefordert, doch das wird der Dame, die offensichtlich das Glück für sich gepachtet hat, wohl herzlich egal sein.

Generell kann in letzter Zeit beobachtet werden, dass die Zahl der ausgespielten Jackpots rasant ansteigt. Dies hat auch ein erhöhtes Interesse und eine erhöhte Partizipation der glücksspielbegeisterten Spieler zur Folge, und das freut natürlich wiederum die Online Casinos.

BET ABC Back / Lay

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BET ABC Back / Lay

Lay bets can only be placed with betting exchanges, such as Betfair. However, we take a look how you can make lay bets with other providers. Back bets can be placed with every book-maker and betting exchange.

Back bets are the “normal” type of bets, i.e. you bet on the occurrence of a score. Let´s take a soccer game as example: Here you have the possibility to bet on home win, away win or draw. Doing so you have already made a back bet.

Lay bets can only be placed with betting exchanges, because here you bet against the occurrence of an event. Generally speaking, you bet against the home win. However, it becomes more interesting if there are more than 3 possible outcomes, for instance, precise final scores or victory bets. With no book-maker, for example, you can bet that Newcastle United will not become English champion. However, this is possible with a lay bet. In order to check out lay bets you best register with Betfair.

Some lay bets can be converted into a back bet. Let`s have an example:
Lay = betting AGAINST an event, e.g. lay home team or lay 1 = betting on the DEFEAT of the home team or betting that the game ends in a draw OR betting on the victory of the away team. Therefore, lay 1 is equal to the double chance X2 or (often with better odds) to the Asian handicap + 0.5 on the away team.
Lay 1 = Back X2 = Back 2 AH+0.5
When winning the lay bet: turnover = wager
When losing the lay bet: loss = wager * odds – wager

Hence, there is an easy formula to convert lay into back odds or vice versa:

Lay odds/ (lay odds – 1) = back odds
Back odds/ (back odds – 1) = lay odds

This means that lay odds of 3.5 are equal to back odds of 1.40.
For a risk of 100 Euro on a 1.40 back you obtain 40 net profit.
In order to make the conversion easier the betting calculator includes a back-lay converter.

However, this means as well that there is a higher risk with lay bets. When placing a lay bet with Betfair, you only contribute the amount the opponent (called holder) bets. Therefore, you contribute 40 Euro but you have to hold a risk of 100 Euro because if the holder wins you have to pay him 100 Euro. If you win you will get your 40 Euro.

The sport bet forecast can be made with Betfair as well. There are even three possibilities for the double chance bets. You can made the forecast, for example, as a lay bet or you take the double chance by putting the sport bet forecast on both outcomes. Both results must end up with the same score. The third and last option to do the soccer game forecast with Betfair is the Asian handicap. You can read more about this in another article of our betting ABC.

Football Statistic App

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Football Statistic App for Android

QR Code Statistic App

QR Code Statistic App

Football statistics for many leagues. In England they are available until the League Two. For each league you can find the table and the playing schedule of the current season. For the current matchday detailed statistics for each match are obtainable. For each match, there are Head 2 Head comparisons. The teams are contrasted with each other and the goals as well as the goals against are going to be compared. In addition, the trend of the last matches is readable. Five stars cater for a simple overview, which team has been better in the comparing statistics.
The statistics constitute a must-have for each football fan! In what form is my favourite team? What can be said about the rival? Will there be a home victory? Or rather an away win? Will there be a defeat for my team? This app assists in the opinion formation before the match and it also shows the results after the match.
The app is as well useful for each sports bettor. You can have a look at the whole statistics on just one page for all matches you are willing to bet on. Are you on the way in the betting shop of Ladbrokes and just want to rethink your betting slip? Then just involve the statistics of this app. It also makes sense while betting on homepages of providers such as Bwin, Betfair and WilliamHill and others.
By means of this Football Statistic app, it is very easy for you to create your own sports betting predictions. There will be no automatic football predictions within this app. But I think every punter and football fan loves this app!

This app is for the Europe football so in America you call it soccer.

Do you have any ideas for improvements? Please write a comment.

The following leagues are included, it can be more an request!

Argentinia – Primera Division
Austria – Bundesliga
Austria – Erste Liga
Belgium – Jupiler League
Brazil – Serie A
Denmark – SAS Ligaen
England – Premier League
England – Championship
England – League One
England – League Two
Finland – Veikkausliiga
France – Ligue 1
France – Ligue 2
Germany – 1st Bundesliga
Germany – 2nd Bundesliga
Germany – 3th Liga
Germany – Regionalliga North
Germany – Regionalliga West
Germany – Regionalliga South
Ireland – Airtricity League
Italy – Serie A
Italy – Serie B
Japan – J-League
Netherlands    – Eredivisie
Norway – Tippeligaen
Norway – Adeccoligaen
Poland – Ekstraklasa
Portugal – Liga Sagres
Russia – Premier Liga
Spain – Primera Division
Spain – Segunda Division
Sweden – Allsvenskan
Sweden – Superettan
Switzerland – Super League
Turkey – SüperLig
USA – Major League Soccer

BET ABC Bankrollmanagment

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Bankrollmanagement in Sport Betting.

Sport betting can be just as exciting as sport itself. Besides it can show a positive profit over the long term without much effort but with predictable certainty. Whereas gambling is based on luck and emotional decisions, result prediction in sport involves knowledge and analytical skills. The rule of thumb says: never bet more than 2% of your bankroll on any event. A bet should neither make you or break you.
Each sport has its own betting structure which shapes the bankroll management. A decisive point in football prediction is a comprehensive knowledge of the game, teams and players. Real soccer fans might find no difficulty in match result prediction. Key facts here are team trends, odds payout, league series, over/under and final table prognosis. Surely one can refer to a tipster in order to achieve better results in football prediction.
There are only three likelyhood in soccer betting. You can bet on win, lose or draw. It is also possible to invest in total goals (over/under) and half/full time result prediction. Since it is gambling , luck plays a major role in this activity. But you can always increase your odds by checking out home and away win records of a team, history between the two playing clubs, team schedule, etc.
First of all set your betting fund, your bankroll. This is the money you should be prepared to lose any time. Set your profit limits next. How much money would you be satisfied with? Don’t be too greedy, but remember you betting is supposed to bring you profit. Bet maximum 5% of your entire bankroll on one play. The majority of gamblers prefer to bet not more than 2% of their fund. Bear in mind, that your win consists of 50% picking winners and 50% staying disciplined in money management. Always withdraw the gained money and leave your deposit at the original state. Never let one bet ruin your entire bankroll.
Only strictly following your plan can you feel the benefit from your efforts. Don’t bet on games with small odds. And yet don’t take irrational risks. Successful soccer betting and football prediction implies a disciplined and controlled approach. Keeping these tips in mind, develop your own bankroll management strategy. Do it with an eye towards the long term.

Bet Calculator App

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Bet Calculator

Bet Calculator

Now online the new App from my package. You can geht the Bet Calculator 8 in 1 for Free. And you get 8 nice bet Calculators in one App. With this Calclulators you can make more money when you are away.

  1. Trading Calculator
  2. Surebet Calculator
  3. Dutch Calculator
  4. EU/UK to UK/EU odds
  5. US/EU to EU/US odds
  6. Back odds zu Lay Quoten
  7. Fair odds Calculator
  8. Value Checker

You get the free app in the App Store, or scan the QR Code.

The Pro version is also availebel in the App Store..

Unibet bonuses

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Today Unibet starts two new bonuses. So If you register now, you can get three bonuses.

There is the start bonus with a £20  FREE risk bet.

The new bonus an Copa America 2011:. Bet on correct score on any game and if you guess the correct score, you will receive a bonus of up to 40 eur (or the equivalent in your currency)on top of your winnings! So you can end up winning 26 bonuses of up to 40 eur!

An the bonus for the opne golf championship 2011. If Rory McIlroy wins The Open Championship 2011 we will refund all losing pre-tournament outright winner bets!

So you can get 3 nice bonuses if you register now for Unibet. Also you can watch the Copa America live on Unibet!

Terms & Condistions

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Prediction App

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Bet Predictions

QR Code

The Launch of the app has come today. So now the prediction app is launched in the android appstore and you can download the newest prediction app. I don’t see a prediction app for football in the app before. So i think it is the first one. You can manage all predictions you see on this site easily with the app.
The app is updatet very often and I add more leagues on request. You’ll find the first 4 leagues of England (Premier League , Championship, League One, League Two)  in the app.  As prediction formats you can choose between back / lay, asian, numbers, words or all 4 formats changing every 5 seconds.
You’ll find more then 20 leagues in this app with prediction for almost every game. Afte the game the results are shown too.

Got to the android market and download the app or scan the QR code at.

Bet ABC AHCAsian Handicap Bets

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Bet ABC AHCAsian Handicap Bets

Asian Handicaps are mostly Football Prediction bets, whereby one of the opposing parties starts their face-off with a handicap. The term has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. The specialty of the Asian Handicap lies in the fact that unlike to ’normal‘ Handicap Bets in case of a possible draw you’ll get your stake refunded.
Contrary to the usual handicap bets the range here differs from one quarter goal to several goals. Those can vary from half or third to even quarter goals.

The term Asian Handicap is ordinarily used for Football Prediction betting systems but is sometimes used in other sports as well. It was originated by a journalist named Joe Saumarez Smith. In November 1998 the Indonesian bookmaker Joe Phan asked him to translate this Result Prediction method formerly known as ‚hang cheng betting‘ by bookmakers in Asia.

Basically Asian Handicaps cut both ways for bookmakers. The upside is the fact that the risk for bookmakers minimizes because trading with the party is simplified and the amount of wagering can be balanced on each side of the match. This gives bookmakers the chance to take bigger positions on major matches.
The downside with this particular Result Prediction gamble lies for bookmakers within the lower margin offerings. Those do not contribute such significant profits as for example the 1X2 system does.

A lot of the matches stand with a handicap of one half (½ ) or even a quarter (¼ ) intervals, while a quarter bet is the most difficult. Nevertheless in both cases a push is not an option, because a half-goal can not be scored.

In a quarter handicap bet the wager will be split into the next two quarter intervals. If the wagerer bets on Team A ¼ and loses his bet the whole wager is lost. If the match ends in a draw, half the bet is seen as won and the wagerer gets back half his stake multiplied with the given rate. If he wins his bet the wagerer will get his stake refunded multiplied with the given rate.

A ½ Asian Handicap on the home team for instance is just the same as a DC1/0 bet which is described in this encyclopedia as well. On top of that the full Asian bet is almost the same as the ½ Asian Handicap. With the 0 Asian Handicap the wagerer gets back his full stake in case of a draw.

1X2 Bets and Double Chance Bets

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1X2 Bets

It is common in Europe in Football Prediction Bets to write the home team first, this is in stark contrast to the american habit of writing the home team last. In a european 1X2 Football Prediction Bet the 1 stands for a victory of the home team, the X stands for a tie and the 2 stands for a victory of the visiting team. The result prediction is only given for one of the three options.
If the customer is using different betting systems it is adviseable to look closely which denomination is used, the american or the european way of 1X2 bets.
On this website the Euopean Standard is used.

A few examples.
The customer wants to bet that the home team is winning. He therefor bets on 1.
The customer predicts that it will be a tie. He therefor bets on X.
The customer predicts that the visiting team will win. He therefor bets on 2.
A loss occurs if any of the other two possibilities occurs.

Double Chance Bets

This betting system has a lower payout rate but a higher chance of winning than the 1X2 Football Prediction system. The result prediction in this system is given for two of the three possible instances (1 for a win of the home team, X for a tie and 2 for a win of the visiting team in the european denomination). For example of a result prediction the customer wants to bet on „The home team will win OR it will be a tie“. In the 1X2 betting system the customer can only bet on one possibility of the two choices.
In the Double Chance Bet system the customer can bet on both results at the same time. A loss only occurs if the third chance is picked.

A few examples.
The customer predicts that the home team will win or it will be a tie. He therefor bets on 1X. A loss occurs on a victory of the visiting team.
The customer predicts that the foreign team will win or it will be a tie. He therefor bets on X2. A loss occurs on the victory of the home team.
The customer predicts that the home or the foreign team will win. He therefor bets on 12. A loss occurs on a tie.


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Today the launch of 1 more Sportbetting site. But not a normal site. This site shows computer predictions for 32 prosoccer leagues. We are working to get more leagues in the system and calcuted the results. You can get predictions for 1X2 and doublechance betting. At the prediction site you can see the chance in percent that the predictionof the prosoccer game is right. You can sort the table by clicking on the table header. In the next times we will offer special sortet games to bet and give you the chance to see our statistic off winning.
Also we hope we can enjoy you with a new sort off android app showing you the preditions on your phone. Come back and the this all coming!